Tea shop burned down, security harass Rohingya in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A Rakhine’s tea shop was burned down by unknown miscreants in Maungdaw south on February 26, at about 9:00 pm and concerned security force started harassment against the Rohingyas community, said a villager admin officer who denied to be named.
“The tea shop – situated inside the Udaung market under Nasaka area number 8 – owned by Myo Chit, a Rakhine community.”

Burma border security force (Nasaka) personnel arrested a Rohingya shop worker – Abdu Rahaman, 10, son of Goffar – from the market, on said night with suspicion of set on fire the tea shop and detained in the Udaung Nasaka custody, said a shop owner from market who denied to be named.

“The security force listed to arrest more Rohingya from the village, so, the Rohingya community from Udaung are not staying in the village for fear of arrest.”

“No Rohingya involved in the accident as they are not able to move at night for Nasaka and Rakhines, who ply around the village at night,” according to village administration officer.

A Hindu community – the owner of a shop which is closed to teashop – declared the fire broke out from teashop’s stove and didn’t see anyone while fire broke out as Hidu shop was open at that time.

Besides, another Rohingya namely Abdullah (18), son of Molauna Jubair – watching his crop in the field- was arrested by Udaung Nasaka out post on February 26 and released after taking thousands of kyats, said a closed relative of victim.

According to different sources, it is a kind of tactic to harass and extort money the Rohingya community by concerned authorities and Rakhines.


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