Heavy rain destroys Leda refugee camp

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Heavy raining at Burma-Bangladesh border areas since July 29, and destroyed some shacks of Leda refugee camp, Kamal Hussain from Leda camp said.

The view of Lada refugee camp under rainy season“Mostly refugee shacks of unregistered Leda camp (Tal) have been destroyed by recent heavy rain.”

The Leda refugee camp condition looks very bad in this year, rainy season –flooding,   falling water drops from ceiling and facing topical diseases, said Nawbi Husson from the camp.

“We are not able to stay inside our shacks for falling water drops from ceiling, said Ms. Tahera.

She also said that she has been suffering from cough and fever for a week and taken treatment from the clinic of Muslim Aids.

According to refugees, many refugees have been facing difficulties in the camp for shelter since July 29, and also they are not able to work for their survival because of heavy rain.

Some shacks of E-block of Leda camp had been repaired by the Muslim Aids two years ago, but, now the shacks were totally damaged, the refugees further said.

A member of block committee said that the refugees are facing with old shacks. So, he urged the Muslim Aids and other INGOs to build refugee shacks urgently in the rainy season.


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