Ijtema seeks heavenly blessings for Muslim Ummah

Tongi, Bangladesh:  The first phase of Ijtema, the second largest global Muslims’ congregation after the hajj, ended on January 11 with the final supplication — Akheri Munajat (concluding sermon) seeking the spiritual wellbeing and welfare of the Muslim Ummah and world people, said a Maulana named Sayed Alam from Ijtema.


Millions of Muslims from home and abroad raised their hands together seeking world peace, forgiveness and blessings for mankind, especially for the Muslim Ummah
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The Rohingyas of Myanmar – When will their tragedy end?

By Dr. Habib Siddiqui

The Rohingya people of Myanmar (formerly Burma) are the most oppressed people in our planet. They face elimination in the Buddhist majority country, which is rightly called the ‘den of hatred and intolerance’ in our time. Not a single day goes by when their community members don’t face repeated persecution and harassment from not only the Gestapo-like members of the government but also from the fellow Buddhists who have swallowed Hitler’s poisonous pills of xenophobia and bigotry. Not surprisingly, in today’s Myanmar Nazi swastika and similar insignia are in great demand!
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ARNO welcomes the UNGA’s resolution to grant full citizenship and ethnic rights to Rohingya

(30 December 2014)
ARNO welcomes the UNGA’s resolution to grant full citizenship and ethnic rights to Rohingya

Arakan Rohingya National Organisation welcomes the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly adopted  on Monday, 29th December 20014, urging Myanmar to grant full citizenship to its Rohingya Muslim minority and grant them equal access to services. Continue reading