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Rohingya migrant woman give birth a baby on the way to Bangladesh

Teknaf, Bangladesh:  A pregnancy Rohingya migrant woman gave birth a baby at Fuler Dale area under Nilla, Teknaf police station, after crossing the Burma-Bangladesh border on December 25, said Hussain Juhar, a local from Nilla.

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BGP pushes back 340 Rohingya people

The Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) intercepted 34 boats carrying at least 340 Rohingyas at border and pushed them back to Myanmar/Burma, according to BGB officials.

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New arrival Rohingya migrants feel insecurity in Bangladesh

New arrival Rohingya migrants are feeling insecurity in Bangladesh because they have no shelter, food, clothing and medical care in proper way, Shakera Bibi said who fled to Bangladesh from Burma.

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ARNO Press release: Investigation Commission of Myanmar Indulges in Falsehood again

Arakan Rohingya National Organisation (ARNO Joint Statement 18 December 2016 Investigation Commission of Myanmar Indulges in Falsehood again We, the undersigned Rohingya organizations worldwide, strongly condemn the false and fabricated statement of the Government Investigation Commission, led by military appointed

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Government threaten local not to say anything about military action on civilian

Government authority – led the journalists to visit the affected areas- had threaten the local people not to say against the military on November 21, said Hashu, an elder from the affected areas.

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BGP director forces to harvest the reaping paddy of leasing harvest of paddy field

U San Lwin, Major, director, the Burma border guard police (BGP) headquarters leased confiscated arable land of Rohingyas and collect leased remaining money after harvest time money, but, this year the villagers who used the land were not able to

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Houses destroy in Maungdaw south after ASEAN Meeting

Burmese border guard police (BGP) destroyed 35 houses – Du Chee Ya Tan ( Kiladong) and Khonzabill- since December 18 – 20,under Maungdaw south, said an elder female, Samira from Maungdaw south.

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Witness to horror

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