Rakhine village admin officer seizes a Rohingya’s home in Maungdaw

U Tin Maung , Udaung village admin officer, also a Rakhine ethnic seized a  Rohingya widow’s home with land in Maungdaw south on May 3, said Aharaf ,a villager from the locality.
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Army officer and village admin officer harass villagers for money

An army officer, the head of Kyackpandu (Shitapurika) army camp, forcefully giving pressure a village admin officer to harass villagers to pay money – repaired houses during 2016, Mohin, a well-wisher of Rohingya community from Maungdaw.
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Village admin officer blocks family list checking process

Yousuf, the block number 2, admin officer, from Maungdaw township, blocked the processing of family list checking to more than 100 families – person travel to Rangoon for medical and person released from jail and asking hug amount of money to process recently, said Halim, a Human rights watchdog from Maungdaw.
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